Rolac Contracting, Inc. is a diversified organization offering services such as:


General Contracting

Rolac Contracting, Inc. is fully capable of performing and/or supervising all construction or development phases and activities using its own employees to perform the work and/or the services of subcontractors when warranted.

Design/Build Services

Rolac Contracting, Inc. offers complete design/build services, providing clients the continuity of working with a single firm from the start of the initial design process through completion of the building phase. Design/build projects completed by Rolac have included convenience stores, service stations, warehouses, manufacturing plants and retail stores.

Project Management

Rolac Contracting, Inc.’s experienced project managers capably handle all aspects of construction management including ensuring that the project is built to specifications and that workers comply with safety requirements and regulations, scheduling equipment and employees as effectively and efficiently as possible, ascertaining accuracy of time and pay estimates, and ensuring that the project is completed on schedule and within budget.