Project Name:

Mainstay Suites

Project Location:

Minot, ND

Project Type:

Negotiated Design Assist/Build

Project Value:

$6,000,000 - $6,500,000

Mainstay Suites of Minot, ND is a 75 guestroom 3 story hotel located next door to the largest shopping mall in the area.  The building was designed using a typical Mainstay Suites package plan and developing and changing the building to fit the owner’s desires, while still meeting Choice Hotels standards.  The design challenges were to locate the project on less than 5 acres of property and make all the guestrooms as large as possible to accommodate the smaller footprint of the building.  The building construction was wood framed with a shingled roof and EIFS exterior in the standard Mainstay colors and orientation.  The guestrooms includes ADA bathrooms, guest living area, kitchenettes, and closet space.  The site work includes an underground stormwater detention, 76 parking spaces, site lighting, outlets for head bolt heaters and landscaping.  This project was finished in 8 months after the foundation was complete.  Completed in December of 2010.